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Our Story

The Fyne Company was founded to create a safe place where it is okay to talk about uncomfortable topics, starting with pubic and body hair. Since puberty, our founder struggled with ingrown hairs, redness, and itchiness on her bikini line. Living in Los Angeles, its bikini weather year round; but for her it's cover-up season all the time.

As a pre-teen, even as an adult, embarrassed to talk about her problem, she was all out of options. She started to ask around and realized she wasn’t alone. On a mission to fix this bikini problem once and for all, the search began. The solution was finally found — Fyne Oil.

The Fyne Company isn't just about body hair, it's about caring and loving yourself for who you are. It's about having somewhere to talk about your problems. Our end goal to form a community where people feel comfortable to talk about anything, realizing they are not alone.

We want everyone to know they are Fyne any way.

You're Fyne, I'm Fyne. We are all Fyne.  

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